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Why persona is important? How can we define persona?

There are some different departments such as publicity, service development, sales, etc in a company. So it is difficult to have common concrete target image. As a result, the message we want to communicate most can not be transmitted to customers.

Therefore, it is the “persona” strategy to unify the marketing policy by sharing the representative customer profile “Persona” set in detail within the company.

Using the “Pareto’s law” that can cover 80% of the needs by highlighting 20% typical user images, grasp the needs of the majority by grasping the detailed needs of individuals. It can be said to be a method aimed at.

How can we define persona?

There are 9 questions to define persona.

1. Who is a persona?

  • What kind of brand do clothes like?
  • What kind of brand do you like cosmetics?
  • What kind of brand do you prefer for daily necessities?
  • What kind of education have you received? (Academic background)

2. What kind of job does persona have?

  • What is your job? What titles are given?
  • How much are you earning?
  • When is your wallet tie loose?

3. What are the interests / hobbies other than Persona’s job?

  • What is your hobby?
  • Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

4. What will move a persona?

  • What is the goal in life?
  • In my life, what role does my family have?

5. Who is important to a persona? Who is influencer? why?

  • Who will be affected? Partners, children, parents, friends, bosses, colleagues, friends of social media, entertainers.
  • Is social media information related to purchase decision-making?

6. What type of products do people purchase in the past?

  • What type of products are you purchasing? Who do you buy from? Approximately, how much do you buy per month, or one year?
  • Do you purchase goods to show off or consider long-term value?

7. Which media do people use?

  • What information are you periodically seeking?
  • What kind of media channel do you use (TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, internet)?

8. Which social network do persona participate in?

  • Is Persona a social media type that does not speak? Type to leave a comment? Or type positively posting content?
  • How long do you spend on social media in a day or a week?
  • Have you received past purchases influenced by social media? Does Persona share the items you bought with social media?

9. Which device does the persona person use?

  • Does Persona use smart-phones? Do you own work and private smart phones separately?
  • Regularly, which application / function are you using?
  • What other devices are you using? Do you use computers (PC), tablets, game machines, E-readers?
  • What kind of devices are used in the car (if you have a car)?