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Osbourne checklist ~ the method of idea extraction ~

In the company I belong to, engineers not only make what they said, they are asked to work out ideas for service ideas and improvements. Every time I try to squeeze out ideas, it is not easy for me to come up with a nice idea.

Therefore, the method of idea extraction called Osbourne checklist is useful. This is the law of thinking by A · F Osbourne who is the inventor of brainstorming.


  • [ ] Other uses?
    • New ways to use as is? Other uses if modified?
  • [ ] Adapt?
    • What else is like this?
    • What other idea does this suggest?
    • Does past offer parallel?
    • What could I copy?
    • Whom could I emulate?
  • [ ] Modify?
    • New twist?
    • Change meaning, colour, motion, odour, taste, form, shape?
    • Other changes?
  • [ ] Magnify?
    • What to add?
    • More time?
    • Greater frequency?
    • Stronger? Higher? Larger? Longer? Thicker? Heavier? Extra value?
    • Plus ingredient? Duplicate? Multiply? Exaggerate?
  • [ ] Minify?
    • What to subtract? Smaller? Condensed? Miniature?
    • Lower? Shorter? Narrower? Lighter? Omit? Streamline?
    • Split up? Understate? Less frequent?
  • [ ] Substitute?
    • Who else instead? What else instead?
    • Other ingredient? Other material? Other process? Other power?
    • Other place? Other approach? Other tone of voice? Other time?
  • [ ] Rearrange?
    • Interchange components? Other pattern? Other layout? Other sequence?
    • Transpose cause and effect? Change place? Change schedule? Earlier? Later?
  • [ ] Reverse?
    • Transpose positive and negative? How about opposites? Turn it backward, upside down, inside out?
    • Reverse roles? Change shoes? Turn tables? Turn other cheek?
  • [ ] Combine?
    • How about a blend, an alloy, an assortment, an ensemble? Combine units?